Accidental Counsellor

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Do you feel overwhelmed or confronted by distressed or angry clients or customers?
Accidental Counsellor training empowers you with essential listening skills to support difficult or distressed clients. Master spontaneous, empathetic responses to unexpected emotional situations. Transform encounters into impactful moments.


Do you sometimes find the intense emotions of customers or clients difficult to manage?
Do you want more effective ways to support these clients?

Do you want to feel confident that you know how to “say the right thing”?

Do you have a hard time disconnecting from your clients, thinking about them at home,
working overtime, or feeling indispensable to your clients?

Accidental Counsellor training is ideal for professionals who want to learn basic counselling and
listening skills. It also introduces important concepts around professional boundaries and
self-care in the disability employment context

Suitable for:

DES employment consultants, in- work support consultants, contact centre staff, and frontline managers looking to upskill their communication and support for difficult conversations with distressed clients or staff.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Gain basic counselling and essential listening skills to support difficult or distressed clients
  • Understand how to set healthy professional boundaries with clients
  • Learn self-care strategies to ensure you are protected from burnout


1 full-day online workshop