Leading with Emotional Intelligence: Managing in Uncertain Times

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With numerous legislative reviews underway at once, plus a DES re-tender to look forward to in 2024, there are currently several significant distractions with the opportunity to create anxiety and uncertainty in employment service teams and potentially negatively impact performance. Learn how to manage teams, retain talent, and hit performance goals during uncertain contract periods.


This prescient, practical webinar will cover 4 key areas and strategies to equip leaders with the tools they need to navigate uncertain times:
  1. Self-regulation tips for managers
  2. Proven back-up strategies for performance
  3. Talent retention – employment services analysis and tips
  4. What likely scares your team now and in the future and what to do about it
Remember that uncertainty can be an opportunity for growth and innovation. By nurturing your team's resilience and adaptability, you can not only retain talent but also position your site, region, organization to thrive in changing circumstances.
James Weait, Director of Populi Solutions, will guide you and provide practical insights by applying theoretical concepts to real-world operational scenarios.

Suitable for:

New and experienced operational and compliance managers, HR professionals, and all those involved in the recruitment process.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Understand the concept of self-regulation and feel confident managing your behaviour and reactions to feelings and things happening around you
  • Acquire a menu of accessible coping strategies to support your success as an employment services leader
  • Reinforce, and gain new, practical suggestions to support employer/sales team and EC performance when trusted strategies wobble
  • Learn the top 3 reasons people leave the industry and considerations on how to mitigate these for your own areas
  • Strategies to hold messages during tender time, and a breakdown of high-level threats and opportunities for the employment service industry


Interactive 1-hour webinar