Leading with Emotional Intelligence: The Interviewer’s Edge

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This interactive webinar is part of our Leading with Emotional Intelligence series and will equip recruiting managers and those involved in the talent acquisition process with the tools they need to excel in evaluating employment service candidates.


Recruiting top talent is a critical for any organisation, and the role of an interviewer is pivotal in identifying the best candidates. Transitioning from being an interviewer to becoming a talent evaluator requires a nuanced understanding of techniques, body language signals, and model questions.

Join our partners from Populi Solutions over lunchtime to delve into the realm of advanced interviewing strategies and to equip recruiting managers with the tools they need to excel in evaluating employment service candidates. 

In this engaging session, we will explore the following key areas:

Elevating Your Interviewing Techniques: Discover advanced strategies for conducting effective interviews that go beyond the basics. Learn how to structure interviews, tailor questions to different roles, and assess candidates more comprehensively.
Decoding Body Language Signals: Gain insights into the subtle cues candidates' body language can reveal. Understand how to interpret nonverbal communication to uncover hidden traits and attitudes.
Crafting Model Questions: Dive into the art of designing model questions for employment services that assess candidates' problem-solving skills, cultural fit, and potential contribution.

James Weait, Director of Populi Solutions, will guide you and provide practical insights by applying theoretical concepts to real-world operational scenarios.

Suitable for:

Recruiters, new and experienced hiring managers, HR professionals, and anyone involved in the talent acquisition process. This webinar is tailored for both seasoned experts and those looking to enhance their interviewing skills.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Develop a higher level of interviewing prowess by adopting advanced techniques that result in more accurate candidate assessments
  • Acquire the ability to discern candidates’ unspoken messages through body language, enabling you to make more informed decisions
  • Learn how to craft model questions that delve deeper into candidates’ competencies and potential, leading to more insightful evaluations
  • Elevate your ability to select the best-fit candidates who align with both job requirements and organizational culture


Interactive 1-hour webinar