Leading with Emotional Intelligence: Mates to Managers

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This interactive webinar is part of our Leading with Emotional Intelligence series and will provide learners with insights into proven relationship management techniques and their application to specific, challenging employment industry-based conversations and scenarios.


Getting a promotion is very exciting, but transitioning from being a colleague to someone’s manager can be a challenging experience. While the promotion offers new opportunities and increased responsibilities, it also requires navigating interpersonal dynamics and establishing authority.
Whether you're a Senior Employment Consultant, Team Leader, Manager, or simply looking to enhance your communication skills, join us for a webinar facilitated by our partners, Populi Solutions, which will equip you with proven strategies to enhance your leadership skills, foster strong team dynamics and excel as a manager of people.
James Weait, Director of Populi, will guide you and apply theory to real operational situations. James brings 20 years’ experience in employment services in Australia and the UK.
Discover proven techniques for developing an authentic leadership identity for yourself, crucial to gaining the respect and trust of a team and fostering a positive performance culture. Understand your likely management style, your strengths and areas for development.
Gain insights into proven conflict management techniques and their application to specific, challenging employment industry-based conversations and scenarios. 
Learn how to self-manage and appropriately balance expectations of superiors, whilst still advocating for your direct reports.

Suitable for:

New and experienced managers who are seeking to navigate interpersonal relationships in a way that cultivates a productive work culture.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Understand the importance of authentic communication in fostering personal and professional growth of oneself and reports
  • Confidence to catch and manage conflicting, challenging feedback
  • Techniques for establishing and maintaining professional boundaries
  • Increased awareness of different communication styles and how different individuals like to give and receive messages
  • Methods for seeking support, including mentorship, coaching and ongoing professional development


Interactive 1-hour webinar