Leading with Emotional Intelligence: A-Z Leadership

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This interactive webinar is part of our Leading with Emotional Intelligence series and will provide (at least) 26 proven practical tools and tips to help master leadership in the busy day-to-day of employment services delivery!


Join us for a game changing, comprehensive leadership webinar with our partners from Populi Solutions that will share proven strategies to help unlock next level performance and confidence setting tone, culture and new standards in employment services. During this webinar, James Weait, Director of Populi Solutions, will guide you through best practice in leadership. James brings 20 years’ operational experience in employment services in Australia and the UK.
We will cover:
  • Identifying and owning your Authenticity to achieve genuine trust
  • Building Teams with proven tips for recruiting and succession planning
  • Communicating effectively by tailoring to different audiences
  • Balancing fast Decision Making with thoughtful consideration
  • Boosting your EQ by understanding empathy for effective leadership
  • Learning how to provide impactful feedback, every time
  • Learning the next level in SMART goals for leadership
  • Handling conflicts and flipping them into an opportunity for growth
  • Learning to adopt a culture of innovation through change and uncertainty
  • Top tips for driving sustainable Job Placements
  • Best practice for creating a culture of knowledge sharing
  • Proven Local stakeholder management strategies
  • Introducing Mindfulness in managing stress and promoting well-being
  • Strategies on how to build and maintain professional networks
And that’s just the first half! With more tips on performance management, quality of delivery and themes for ‘X’ and ‘Z’ – which we can’t wait to share…

Suitable for:

Team leaders, managers, and any employees of employment service providers who need to lead people.

Expected Outcomes:

  • A comprehensive understanding of key leadership principles and practical strategies
  • The ability to think strategically, aligning leadership practices with organizational goals, and effectively communicate a compelling vision
  • Acquire approaches to making sound decisions and emphasizing quality leadership practices for continuous improvement


Interactive 90 min webinar