Leading with Emotional Intelligence: Giving Effective Feedback

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Leading with Emotional Intelligence: Giving Effective Feedback Leading with Emotional Intelligence: Giving Effective Feedback 25 Jun 2024 @ 12pm – 1pm 12:00 pm – 01:00 pm Zoom $100.00^

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This interactive webinar is part of our Leading with Emotional Intelligence series and will provide proven practical tools and tips to help master the skill of delegation in the busy day-to-day of employment services delivery.


The ability to provide constructive and meaningful feedback is essential for growth, development, and fostering positive relationships. Whether you're an Employment Consultant, team leader, manager, or simply looking to enhance your communication skills, this webinar is your gateway to mastering the art of feedback. Join us for a transformative webinar on the art of giving effective feedback with our partners from Populi Solutions!
During this webinar, James Weait, Director of Populi Solutions, will guide you through the best practice of delivering feedback that inspires, motivates, and drives improvement. James brings 20 years’ operational experience in employment services in Australia and the UK and will provide you with a deep understanding of the impact feedback has on individual and team performance and learn how to create a culture of continuous learning and development.
Discover proven techniques for delivering feedback in a clear, specific, and objective manner, ensuring that your message is well-received and actionable. Explore strategies to tailor your feedback to different individuals, considering their unique strengths, development areas, and aspirations.
Gain insights into active listening, empathy, and communication skills that can elevate the impact of your feedback. Learn how to encourage a growth mindset and inspire individuals to embrace challenges, experiment, and continuously improve.
This impactful webinar will help you to provide constructive feedback that inspires growth, fosters collaboration, and takes performance to the next level.

Suitable for:

Anybody wanting to know how to tailor impactful feedback for different individuals

Expected Outcomes:

  • Understand the importance of feedback in fostering personal and professional growth
  • Learn your own preferred way to receive and give feedback
  • Confidence to deliver feedback in specific, objective, tailored manner to different personality types in a way that is motivating and actionable
  • Develop active listening skills to enhance the effectiveness of your feedback
  • Methods for encouraging a growth mindset and promoting cultures of continuous improvement
  • Confidence delivering feedback one-on-one and to groups


Interactive 90 minute webinar